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About Us


Who we are

With a determined goal and handful of money, we started our business of keys trading in Pune in 2011, with a small shop of 100 square feet.


With dedicated efforts in first two years, our business started to pick up the considerable market share in Pune. Then we started another shop in Dadar, Mumbai in 2014, which is maintained by our family member.

The experience of running 2 units successfully brought idea to start another shop in our Home Town Varanasi in 2015. All the 3 units are running effectively in their local markets.

Our journey of success continued like this and we started making products in your own brand in 2022. And now we will continue this journey with more power.


Now we mainly have making cutter of key making machine in our own brand.  In which Engle Milling, Slitting and edges type cutters are manufactured in Carbide and HSS material.


Our Business

Wholesale Business > In wholesale business we are engaged in selling silicone car key covers, lithium coin batteries. In coin batteries we have association with brands like Elecorev, Panasonic, GP, Philips & Gigatech.


Retail Business > In the retail business we mainly sell garments. In the garments business, we are currently selling your goods only through offline stores. But very soon we are starting to sell online. Our plan is that we will manufacture clothes under our own brand Trytime and sell them on your website.


Our vision

We provide the best service and good quality Products to the world. We will continue to strive to make life easier for people through your services. We will continue to discover new things constantly. We will always keep our attention on such things which will help in making human life easier.